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We work for local and international AAA Insurance & Reinsurance Companies

We use different investigation and analysis tools that allow us to determine with precision the scope of a loss and, on this basis, calculate the corresponding indemnity due in accordance with the insurance contract signed between the parties.

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Quorum Adjusters
Loss adjusters
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We look to establish the authenticity of the facts and the actual extent of the damage suffered in fortuitous events.

24/7 personalized service, 365 days a year. We have worked for the most important accounts in Ecuador and have been appointed with events affecting Panamax, Handymax type vessels and private yachts, ports and docks. Our experts have handled cases relating to Hull and Machinery Breakage, Power Generation, Civil Engineering projects, buildings, bridges and hospitals which were affected during the earthquake of 7.8 degrees in Richter Scale suffered by Ecuador on April 2016.

Quorumad Loss Adjusters has the purpose of providing all necessary support to our clients through a commitment to prevent any problem that could arise. Open communication with the parties involved, accurate definition of policy clauses, reports and organized meetings with the Insured at the proper time.

We are aware that our clients require a high level of expertise and specialization, attributes which can be added to our personal commitment to promptness, communication, technical analysis, timely delivery of professional adjustment reports and absolute transparency.

Our technological platform will allow us to perform surveys anywhere anytime in real time, reducing costs for our clients and time for correspondent analysis of claims.

When required, our experts work as a team with international professionals who share the same criteria of providing the very best service to our clients.

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